GF1 to G3 - IQ improvement significant?

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Re: Another approach.

Sean, I appreciate your very thoughtful response! WOW! I 99% agree with most of what you said - in the big scheme of things, a bit of grain is probably not gonna make much of a difference for what I intend to do with the file (share online and small prints). However, I can be a bit of a stickler when it comes to image quality and have been spoiled by using the Canon 5D/5Dmkii for most of my photography life. Now I am not for a second expecting the GF1 to have the same dynamic range/ISO performance as the Canon - but I seem to notice the fast deterioration of the file from ISO 200 to 400/800/1600. As much as things can be adjusted via post-processing - there are things that I just can't recover once a file hits ISO 800 (mostly color fidelity and edge clarity).

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