is 7i rugged enough for backpacking in Tibet?

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OK, here's what I understand...

Andy Chiu wrote:
Hi Bob,

With a 2 meg camera shooting jpegs I fill about two gigs a month
while traveling. If you shoot anything like I do you're going to
need five gigs with a D7xx.

I'm estimating about 70-100 pictures a day, which for my 25 day
trip will give me 1750 - 2500 pictures, which in turn requires
about 3.5 - 5 gigs of storage for high quality JPEG.

20 gig Image Bank or X-Drive is less than $200US.

20 gigs of CF cards are about $8,000US.

Yeah, that is exactly why I am planning to bring a PHD in the first
place. But like you and someone else mentioned, altitude might be
a factor for any HD (including microdrives); there's no point to
bring a PHD if it is likely to fail, right? In any case, though,
there is no way I can afford 20 gigs worth of CF cards. In fact,
there's no way I can afford even 5 gigs. So If I end up without a
PHD, my only choice will be to cut down on the number of pictures I

Actually, looking at your picture gallery, you seem to have
traversed some fairly high altitudes in Napel and south-east Asia
as well. Has your PHD (I'm assuming you were bringing one?) ever
failed you?

Thanks a lot for your help!


Hard drive heads 'fly' on a cushion of air. If there is no air (or not enough air) they crash into the disk and, well, disaster....

The higher one gets, the thinner the air, fewer molecules per area. That means that the drive has less of a cushion to help it maintain the proper distance from the disk. (Hard drives may or may not be sealed.)

I've used my PHD at around 3,000 meters with no problem. Others have gone higher.

I'd advise to use one carefully. Put it on a nice, stable surface (table top) and don't jar it while it is writing.

If you're really exceeding the limits of the drive, stick it in a sturdy plastic bag (river bag for example), close the bag and apply pressure while writing to drive. I gave this a little try, stuck my altimeter in a cheap, thin produce bag and pushed down with my hand. I was able to 'descend' 1,000 feet before the bag popped. A good bag should let you descend several hundred meters without leaving the room.

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