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Re: Polarizing Filters...

I can't offer any advice on a linear polarizer- although they have been known to sometimes throw AF and metering off in cameras- I've heard users say they've used them on the Nex without issues.

I use a CPL.
The differences between the two are that a CPL is "adjustable."

A linear polarizer is generally cheaper, faster (less light lost) and is "fixed" (non-adjustable) while CPL's can be a bit more expensive and most will lose around 3 stops of light.

I have a Hoya HD CPL (which I love) but based on your other thread (and cost expectations) I'd suggest one of their "HRT" CPL's which go for around $50-60. HRT stands for "High Rate Transmission" which refers to the filter film. It's very similar to the "HD" which adds a built in UV filter, makes it a slim-line filter and uses a very hardened glass that is virtually scratch resistant. (also costs more in the neighborhood of $100)

A Linear polarizer (sticking with hoya's brand) seems to be around $30 and cuts a similar amount of light to the CPL (potentially more than the HRT/HD).

I hope that helps.

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