Long shoulder strap for E-PL2

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Re: Long shoulder strap for E-PL2

Hi Michaelx:

If you prefer to wear your camera slung across your chest, you should look at a sling strap. They're not the cheapest way to carry your camera, but they're great.

BlackRapid (www.blackrapid.com) makes some great ones, and attaching the camera to the tripod mount makes for a really stable and balanced way to cary the camera. The RS4, SnapR line, and RS-Sport 2 will all meet your needs.

I have a Luma LoopIt (www.luma-labs.com), which is great because it's very low profile and the lanyard makes it really easy to attach/detach the camera, but it ends up being not much cheaper than the RS4 because it doesn't include a tripod mounting point; you have to buy it separately (I just bought Black Rapid's mounting point because it's cheaper than Luma's and works just fine). Were I doing it again, I might just go with the SnapR and ditch the bag part of the SnapR.

There'll be another on the market sometime in the near future, as well. A Kickstarter-funded project called Lens Loop is making cross-body camera straps out of seat belt material ( http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/650793793/lens-loop-a-better-camera-strap?ref=live ).

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