Replacing MB, CPU and DVD will win 7 64 pro boot?

Started Aug 3, 2011 | Discussions thread
OP bill vann Senior Member • Posts: 1,169
all is well in billville

Hi Bob had to many minds,so forgot about resetting the bios you were a big help as was a bit of sleep.

I reset the bios, (had to do it on the MB)

could post, reviewed the boot order and reset to the proper drive

system booted

self reset/updated the drivers

I'm using this machine now.

will add the gigabyte drivers shortly

will likely have to redo some misc, noticing the mouse is a bit jumpy

but again all is well

as an fyi, MS took the MBR off the win7 64 upgrades when they found too many folks buying upgrades for new systems. I found this out after the fact, so it is sort of crippled, but some time soon i'll set up a bootable CD or something should this happen again, maytbe make an image on a backup that I can rewrite if problems down the line.



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