Nex7 - What do you think will be kit lens?

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Re: Huh? Show us Nex 18-55 chromatic aberration at 55mm

andrewrocks wrote:

uh oh i have sample photos and 3rd party reviews that further substantiate my point what are you going to do now??????? I could keep posting sample photos, but what's the point? The nex lenses have great build quality but are mediocre performers, and to claim other wise is just wrong. FYI, all these samples are pre-post. And please try to fix them in post, i'd really like to know your techniques. Now that I think about it the 1855 is the only lens i know of that actually gets worse when you stop it down.

Furthermore, your samples are worthless. I don't think you could've have picked tamer photos to try to prove your fruitless case. Please cherry pick some more for me.

First you trash the kit lens and the 16mm, which we have gone over with a fine tooth comb since last august.

It's one thing to say, I'm having an issue...or "is it my copy?" But you TELL us. Which really only makes me laugh. I think 30 years from now in the antique nex users forum some dweeb will lecture us all about the terribel kit and the terrible 16.

And predicatbaly those who are inherently modest, curious and WELL READ, are agahst at such silliness and make the case once again--what we know about the lenses.

So now, not only are Sony's lenses garbage, but Russell is working for Sony? We have to write this stuff down for our new screenplay---kebuki

Well I have a new 25:

Olympus Pen G.Zuiko 25/2.8
My cat after he read AR's post

I just hope we can buy the body alone

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