Nex7 - What do you think will be kit lens?

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where's your evidence of bad CA at 24mm or 55mm?

Andrewrocks, first you made the obviously false statement that the Nex kit zoom and the 16mm wide angle has horrendous CA (lateral color fringing) at every focal length at F8. Can you name a public reviewer who has said that? It wasn't Photozone, or even our own DPREVIEW.COM (which like me and Photozone has found the kit zoom to have basically no CA at 55mm at all):

I then showed you two 100% crop photos taken with the Nex kit zoom showing no CA in the corners, carefully noting that they were taken at F9.5 and F5.6 at 55mm and 24mm respectively. I suggested you show us a photo that was noticeably damaged by the CA Nex kit lenses. OF COURSE I MEANT FOR YOU TO POST 24MM and 55MM SAMPLES, which were the only focal lengths where I claimed the lens was well-behaved.

You then posted 2 photos at possibly enormous magnification, showing detectable CA at that possibly enormous magnification:

  1. without saying what the lens was

  2. without saying what the aperture was

  3. without saying what the focal length was

  4. without saying what the print size was, for example are they 3 foot wide enlargements?

  5. without showing the whole image, so that we can decide if the overall image was damaged by the lenses at normal print sizes

and then you act like your mystery images prove that my Nex kit zoom has horrendous CA at every focal length. Despite my quite simple demonstration that my kit zoom does not have horrendous CA at 24mm and 55mm, even when looking at a 15 inch wide enlargement.

Are you claiming that your photos are samples of the 18-55 zoom at 55mm or 24mm, shown to us at normal print sizes? If not, then I ask you again for some evidence to back up your silly overly-blanket criticisms.

Andrewrocks: Furthermore, your samples are worthless. I don't think you could've have picked tamer photos

Ah, I see, the kit zoom only exhibits horrendous CA lateral color fringing on really good, risk-taking photo fragments like yours. If you look at tiny, tame photo fragments like mine, maybe there's no CA, but that doesn't count.

You do not appear able to acknowledge that you far overstated the case to imply that your presumably undamaged Nex kit zoom has horrendous CA at every focal length at F8 with normal enlargements, rendering the lens generally worthless.

There is no great shame in acknowledging a mistake on this forum, we all make mistakes constantly, mostly in proportion to how frequently we post, and/or over how many days a thread stretches.

I acknowledge my own slight mistake of not rubbing your nose in the and Photozone CA measurements sooner, thereby encouraging you to waste more thread space spreading more false ideas that the Nex kit lenses have unavoidable color fringing rendering them completely unusable for any normal purpose.

Odd that you would spin out such statements about a performance aspect where, as a portrait lens at 55mm, the kit zoom excels, both in Photozone tests, dpreview tests, and every other CA test of every other kit zoom owner except you.

Here at 45mm, describe for us the horrendous CA you find at the tiny, tame/lame corner fragment of a 3 foot wide enlargement at F8 from the 18-55 zoom. It's al link to the same fragment I posted on this forum some weeks ago during a fact -finding investigation of the kit zoom:

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