Sigma 12-24 II - First tests on 5D2

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Sigma 12-24 II - First tests on 5D2

I finally got out of the house and took some test shots with the new Sigma 12-24 II on a 5DII.

The test composites are the old lens on the left, new lens on the right, at (top to bottom) f/5.6, f/8, f/11, and f/16.

With my copy of the old 12-24, the corners at infinity when manually focused for the corners, aren't bad. But that requires setting the focus on the lens beyond infinity. At infinity focus, the corners get worse, and if you defocus in front of infinity (to get the forground in better focus while still not losing sharpness at infninity at the center), things get even worse. So I can't get as good corners in real photos as shown here with the old lens.

I think that the new lens has better field flatness, and thus will do better at scenes where you want both the stuff in the foreground at the far corners sharp. I think. And I might be able to do even better than shown here with the new lens, because the new lens is sharper at infinity when manually focussed to 2 meters. I think.

Corner illumination, though, seems to be much better on the new lens, even stopped down.

The test scene is downtown Tokyo from a pedestrian overpass, handheld since the bridge shakes when people walk by, straight on for the center snippets, with the Coke sign in the corner for the corner shots. (The two test images are just for the record, and are from the new lens.)

Center test image:
Corner test image:

Center tests itself:
Corner test itself:

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