Nex7 - What do you think will be kit lens?

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Huh? Show us Nex 18-55 chromatic aberration at 55mm

andrewrocks: I have horrendous CA @ f8 at any focal length with my nex lens.

Those are ridiculously untrue example-free words, that the Nex 18-55 kit zoom has horrendous CA chromatic aberration at F8 at any focal length. For example, both 3rd party reviewers and my own personal experience testify that at 55mm (longest focal length), the kit zoom has basically no CA at all, an outstanding performance in that narrow regard that you have specified. Example 55mm F9.5 corner crop, definitely not corrected for CA in post-processing:

Even this little example shows the interesting tuning-to-the-edge of the 18-55 zoom at 55mm. In that at the extreme corner of the image the resolution falls off, but just move 50 pixels or so inwards (i.e. 1.25% of picture width) and the sharpness is unremarkable (i.e. noticeably better).

Also, extreme corner chromatic aberration around the 24mm "sweet spot" on the kit zoom, while not zero, is numerically rather moderate at, say, F5.6. Don't recall if I did any lateral color correction in post-processing or not:

Now of course, anything is possible , so it may be that you have a completely defective or damaged kit zoom. I'd put good money on a bet that you can't show us the " horrendous CA " from my Nex 18-55 (or any other Nex kit zoom sample photo on this forum) at 55mm or 24mm.

It's also a bit odd that you imply high standards for your lenses (and thus your overall photographic aspirations) but can't bring yourself to do simple chromatic aberration corrections in post-processing.

In fact, i've found both my 16mm & the 1855 to be largely worthless.

Guess you forgot to show us the sample photos that were clearly damaged by noticeable chromatic aberration, by dint of your use of the Nex kit lenses, at ordinary display sizes. Ideally with the "good" version of the scene (taken with the "better" lens) alongside it.

Every tool is worthless for something that it's not matched well with. If most of your work requires the exact corner resolution of a Zeiss Planar 50mm F1.4 (a lens like 'most any F1.4 rather soft in the corners wide open by the way) at F5.6, then of course the Nex kit lenses are "worthless".

Since the Nex kit lenses cost so little we can all agree that our expectations for them can't be too high. But it is going too far to write that they have such high lateral chromatic aberrations at all settings as to be worthless for most purposes.

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