Nex7 - What do you think will be kit lens?

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Re: Nex7 - wow!!

underxposed59 wrote:

headofdestiny wrote:

blue_skies wrote:

underxposed59 wrote:


Customized sensor
Rangefinder focus
Slent shutter
iRetina viewfinder
Fast AF
"Do not buy your X100 yet"
Well balanced
High IQ lens

Sounds like an homage

Camera of the year competitor?


Suddenly, the Sony 16mm may start performing better in the corners. There are already reports of improvements with the NEX-C3.

And if Sony get enough experience under their belts, applying micro lenses to adjust for soft corners, think what they can do with a NEX9?
Leica M9 competetor.

Sony would have to make an entirely new lens line for a "NEX9," and they surely aren't gonna build a camera for someone else's lenses. I think NEX is an aps-c only venture, but we'll have to wait and see.

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