D200 Rose and rain C&C welcome

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Re: D200 Rose and rain C&C welcome

rpps wrote:

While my 17 inch laptop screen is WUXGA and the colours are Fab, Just moving my head slightly changes the contrast so difficult to be too precise. I do like quite dark backgrounds, as Carey says it puts the emphasis on the subject. I had not thought of darkening the background only with the burn tool. However I usually like to keep PP as simple as possible, the D200 colours are usually spot on, so I add a little unsharp mask, and thats it. I usually use matrix metering mode but I think this was taken with spot metering.


Here's my latest edit keeping in mind you want darker background.
Cheers Ross

Hi Ross,

On my monitor the background is nice and dark but the pink no longer looks natural.

The settings I use on the D200 were set up from moose petersons recommended settings, but not sure which of them are applicable to Raw as I never use Jpeg.


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