XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price

Started Jun 5, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Re: XZ-1 - cheap rubbish with a big price

Just came to this forum looking for info about dust on the sensors of the xz1. I have the same problem... nice tip about blowing down the flash. It moved the dust, so I'll try again later...

I had high hopes for the Olympus also, and in the end I'm disappointed for many reasons:

  • non-standard usb cable (on the camera side...)

  • video is terrible

  • clunky, slow software (problem with almost all brands actually...)

  • unable to use Olympus raw format for some time (not necessarily Olympus fault)

  • front/back dials not customizable...

All the above wouldn't have been issues with the S95, which was my other choice...

Now, if I can't get the dust out of the sensor, I'll have to send it for service, and lug my dslr in the meantime... Bummer...

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