Archive to DVD still smart?

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Re: Archive to DVD still smart?

BelePhotography wrote:

Still I have had plenty more issues with hard drives than memory cards so far. Like I said, digital archiving in my mind is still largely an unsolved problem.

There are three key things you need to accept to do digital archiving properly:

  • Keep multiple copies. It doesn't matter what kind of media you use (even flash cards), all digital media is susceptible to failure. Storing copies in multiple locations can also eliminate common-mode risks such as theft. Fortunately, digital media is very easy to copy. This sort of thing was very difficult to do in the film days.

  • Check your copies at regular intervals. If a copy goes bad you want to find out about it before the other copy goes bad. Again, this is very easy to do with digital media, as long as you don't have your assets stored on dozens of individual devices.

  • Accept the fact that technology changes and be prepared to migrate to new devices every 5 - 10 years. Fortunately, over time the cost/GByte of storage goes down, and the capacity and speed of each device goes up, so this is also fairly painless.

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