Lion and a DUMB change rant

Started Aug 4, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Lion and a DUMB change rant

I migrate the content of my old mbp to my new one which unfortunately it came with lion (after being assured it would have shipped with snow leopard...)

Whoever decided changes in spotlight is a Real IDIOT

Spotlight, should be an app that allow you to FIND things right?

well it does find stuff, the problem is it has been totally stripped of the ability to display the path where the item is

So for a lot of things it was impossible for me to find where they were with spotlight
and had to use the finder windows.
Since i wanted to change the place of some folders and pictures

I cannot believe how can someone think that a search application does not need to show the path of the searched item
I m surprise by the dumbness of this decision and angry about it...

oh well

end rant

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