Nex7 - What do you think will be kit lens?

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Probably the 18-55

Probably the standard 18-55, it wouldn't be the first time a company has put their cheap kit lens with a hi-end body - Canon did it bundling the 7D with the pretty rubbish 18-135, Pentax the K7 & K5 with the garbage 18-55WR etc . Sony's NEX 18-55 is better than the Sony-SAM, Panasonic, Nikon and Pentax variants (or mine is anyway) so can see them doing that

I just want a decent 28mm FOV F2.8 Prime - this curent 24mm Craze is just compromising the optics, I can't be the first to think that the little cheap NEX 16mm prime would have been more "Prme like" if it had been an 18mm instead of 16mm and struggling to match the wide end of a cheap kit zoom .

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