Photoshop contrast adjustment creates color cast - how to fix?

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Re: Try using LAB

Ross Dillon wrote:

gollywop wrote:

Richard is absolutely correct in advocating using the HSL adjustments for certain (many) situations. It is marvelous.

I would appreciate a quick explanation on how to use the HSL...never found a good use for it nor a good example on why others do.

It is often the case that a portion of an image needing color enhancement, such as a sky, or a red shirt, or whatever, is the only (or the main) part of the image having that color.

Skies are an excellent example. One often wishes to deepen the saturation of a blue sky and perhaps darken it slightly. In PS one would have to select the sky to create a layer mask with which to adjust only the sky. Such a selection could prove extremely difficult, particularly if there are complicated tree branches leaving only awkward small pieces of the sky showing in between.

Using the Blue slider in HSL, however, one can easily increase the saturation of the sky with the Saturation pane and deepen it with the Lightness pane. If the rest of the image has few or only insignificant blue parts, this makes the job a quick since.

Likewise, many images have red or orange or yellow elements, such as sunsets, or autos or shirts. These elements, when made to stand out, add interest and accents to the image and attract attention. Giving them a boost with HSL is simple and fast.

I make use of these sliders, particularly S and L, with well over half the shots I process. Try 'em; you'll like 'em.

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