Is the new Canon A+ auto mode worth using?

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Re: Is the new Canon A+ auto mode worth using?

FJG3 wrote:

I wish Canon and all DSLR makers would not bow to the pressure of the point and shoot cameras. Do we need all this junk (toy camera and such) just because the P/S cameras have that assortment of junk? Maybe I'm old fashioned but I want a DSLR for basic great pictures, not all this garbage you get with P/S cameras. I'm not even a fan of video on DSLR's. I kinda believe that a HD camcorder is better for that. Whats next, blink detection, smile detection?

You are assuming everyone who uses an SLR is an enthusiast like yourself and knows how to use the various setting and controls available.

In actual fact I would guess that a significant percentage of people using the basic models like the 1100d and 600d are not really photographers at all, and are really just the general non-photographer public that appreciates quality, so wants to buy a nice SLR rather than a wee compact.

Note the higher end cameras like the 5d don't have a selection of scene modes - unlike the basic rebels, Canon does assume that 5d users will know what they are doing, so don't include the automatic modes that 5d users probably won't use anyway.

Sure they may bug people, and most of us bothering to post here will never use them, but some people do, and it is presumably enough to make it worthwhile for Canon to bother including them.

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