Wide angle lens for Rome trip.

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Re: Wide angle lens for Rome trip.

My suggestion would be to rent one(maybe a couple?). Very reasonable, and it will narrow down what you'd like working with long-term. Use the Canon 10-22, and my hunch from what others say is you'll want to own one on your return! Be sure to read all the reviews. Some of the aftermarket wide zooms have optical issues, something you're not likely to hear complaints on w/10-22. I imagine where you're visiting begs for ultra-wide, so a lens limited to 17 or 18 wide may leave you very frustrated?! As a side note, several have stated that 11-16 is VERY limited range, something i'd not want at least.

On my trip to Madagascar last November, I found out AFTER you can rent a 10-22 3 wks for only $150 or so. HUGE regrets, as sure enough the surreal landscape/scenery from north to south begged for a good wide! Originally, i was to have one available to supplement my 28-70/2.8L & 70-200/f4L IS +1.4xII. The day before found out i was stuck w/my mediocre 18-55 kit lens. Needing stopped to f/10-11 to be sharp, it was too impractical & sadly never left my pack.

Not sure the duration of your trip, but at least renting a couple is an option to make sure you're covered. Dragging an extra wide is very doable, it's not like a 300.

Most of all enjoy your trip! At least unlike me you have a chance to preserve the visual treats as image files instead of buried away in a fading brain like me...:)


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