Hardware Spec for Photo + Video editing?

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Hardware Spec for Photo + Video editing?

I'm a IT techie - but primarily software - my hardware knowledge only gets updated when I build a PC for myself - and so this is 5-6years old now.

My Dual Core PC (AMD 3800+) has been fine for photo editing, albeit had a wait on Surface Blur - but I'm now trying to put together a Timelapse video in Premier Pro - and feeling the lag.

So - a fairly open question - what should I be looking for or aiming towards ?

Budget - well I guess in the £500 range - but I don't need any HDD's as I have plenty (4 in this case!) and will re-use one of my CD drives. No need for peripherals.
I do quite fancy USB 3.

With regards to Photo and video editing (Photo editing will be the primary usage but I guess hardware issues will be most noticeable on video) what should I be looking out for ?
What are the priorities?

Graphics ?

Anything to look out for in terms of Graphics cards - probably my least knowledgeable area. I used to think that powerful graphics cards were only of use to gamers with 3D + texture rendering - but not sure if this is the case.


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