My X100 Has Finally Shipped!

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Re: My X100 Has Finally Shipped!

Len_Gee wrote:


Congrats on getting you new X100.

How do you think it will compare in IQ against your 5DMKII?
Any pics you can post from your trip to China and Japan?
For sure, the size and weight difference will make the X100 always by your side.

Based on what I've seen on this site and elsewhere, I'm expecting the X100 to have fairly close per-pixel noise to the 5DMkII, even though the pixels are smaller (approx. 5.3um vs 6.3um). Of course with the higher resolution, the 5DMkII image will look less noisy when printed.

Really I'm looking to the X100 to give me something that's in the same ball park, but in a more compact form. I'm not expecting it to be a substitute for my 5DMkII (and of course the interchangeable lenses of a DSLR means there's situations where the X100 just won't be able to compete).

I'm also very attracted to the "stealthiness" of the X100 for street photography. In that regard, matching the 5DMkII quality level is irrelevant if 5DMkII wouldn't allow me to get the shot!

As the X100 arrives tomorrow, I only have shots from my 5DMkII. At present I only have these in low resolution on Facebook.

Here's some from China:

And some from Japan:

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