85mm or 100mm for portraits?

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Re: 85mm or 100mm for portraits?

IMO, unless you are planning to do a lot of macro besides portrait and want to use the 100mm macro as double duty lens, or I will stay away from the 100mm macro, to me the ability to use F1.8 vs F2.8 in portrait application is a HUGE deal. at least for me that is, even F1.8 is a little "too slow" for me so I went with the 35 F/1.4L and and 85 F/1.2L II for portrait lenses.

If you actually go with the 85 F1.8, one thing to look out for is the annoying purple fringing, may want to pay a little extra attention on that. You didn't mention your budget or how serious you are about portrait photography, but I would still strongly suggest to go the extra mile and get yourself a 85L, even if price is an issue at the moment, ( I am just saying if that's the case), just go save up a little longer and get the "best lens" so you don't have to think about upgrading for a long long time, the 85 F1.8 is decent lens for the price, but the 85L II is really much much better portrait lens and worth the extra $$$ if you actually use its capabilities. And as an alternative, the recent Sigma 85 F1.4 HSM is also a better lens than the Canon 85 F1.8 at a much more affordable price range than the 85L for portrait, it has good wide open performance & beautiful Bokeh.

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