G3 uncomfortable to hold ?

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Re: G3 uncomfortable to hold ?

I found the G3 uncomfortable to hold.

I now use a very small tripod with some wrapped foam as a comfortable grip in my left hand. The tripod adds 90 grams to the weight. Price for me: zero. I do all the settings with my right hand. Only the LCD/EFV switch is somewhat unconfortable for the right hand but all the other buttons and zooming the lens are very ok placed.

This light weight tripod enables me to be totally mobile and I like to use it during street photography. Yesterday I shot, candid camera wise, with this "tripod configuration" the picture of the lady with the sunglasses (in front of the Central Station in Amsterdam).

The 4 red arrows indicate the small (diam 9 mm, thick 1.5 mm) flexible foam pads (self adhesive) over 4 buttons to improve blind finding. The buttons stay fully functional and I have no problems with unintentionally activating the buttons.

I only have my Pana G3 for 2.5 weeks now but I am surprised of its Image Quality.
Here a big picture of the above lady. (1/800 f5.6 160 ISO 200=400 mm)

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