UV filter for L lens?

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Uhmmmm..... think that through a bit more.

Soo Yee Seong wrote:

You may got the point.

However a good filter may also save our day when we are shooting an important event and the lens front get badly hit, scratched, or dirty.

The lens front will not get damaged easily at all, by "hits". It is thick and curved and very strong.

The "protective filter", though, is merely a very thin pane of glass. With even smaller hits it can break. And broken optical glass shards.. are sharp and hard enough to scratch the front element. If you are concerned about "hits", use the lens hood as shock absorber.

Scratched.... it is very very hard to "scratch" front elements during shooting. Unless you put a very thin pane of glass in front of it, which can shatter with relatively small accidents. If you are so worried about scratches... I guess you are buying new protective filters every moth or so? Since they would scratch all the time?

Dirty... it takes about 2 minutes to clean a front element if it actually really gets very dirty. Easier to clean a front element than a filter. Due to the curve.

Just take off the filter we are able to continue shooting again without affect your business.

Odd, so first you use protective filters because of worries that something bad would happen. Then after that delicate filter has an accident... it all of a sudden is ok for you to use the lens without?

Final question... Do you have any kids? If yes, do you protect them WITH very thin panes of glass, or do you protect them FROM thin glass?

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