2nd hand 400mm f/4 DO: advice seeked

Started Jul 12, 2011 | Discussions thread
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Juvenile woodchat shrikes...

... as a humble 1st sample of my using the new lens (in the picture, attached to the 1D3).

My (quick'n'dirty) impressions with this lens... As stated above in a post, there is not a huge difference in IQ terms compared to my 100-400, although the difference is there. Better sharpness, better bokeh, no problems with contrast that I'm aware off.

But this is definitely a really nice lenss. It AFs really fast, and accurately. It is a cannon! It takes well the 1.4xII (although if you pixelpeep there is a degradation in IQ, but it still focuses quick and good). 560mm FL is sweet, and attached to the high-density-pixeled 7D it is just a dream.

For birds you always want more FL, but having a 560 5.6 hand-holdable lens is just great. Wow, amazing. I think that this lens will spend 90% of its use time attached to the 7D.
Some day maybe I'll get myself a 2xIII extender and give it a go with the 1D3...

Thanks to all for your advise some days ago.


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