Hard to do panning with Nikon 80-200/2.8

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Re: Hard to do panning with Nikon 80-200/2.8

those are very nice images using panning technique.
yup i agree with ur last sentence. i'll keep that in mind
thanks a lot

JC1306 wrote:

As other have stated, 1/50 is really pushing it. Remember the 1/focal length rule of thumb (and don't forget about the crop factor) and start using progressively slower shutter speeds from there. The newer VR systems will detect that you're panning and disable compensation in that direction. If you don't have VR, a monopod will do exactly the same thing. I haven't done much panning myself but I've found that I like to track the subject a second or two before I start shooting so I can get a feel for its movement. Here are two of my results:

It's just a matter of finding the combination of focal length and shutter speed that works for you, and then keep practicing.

Photos at http://jarno.smugmug.com

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