Landscape or Portrait when you have lots of pixels?

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Re: Landscape or Portrait when you have lots of pixels?

Looks like the other two never answered your question.

I use landscape when players are further away and in groups where action is taking place - then crop later if necessary to either isolate a player or improve the overall composition.

When players are closer I shoot portrait mode and try to isolate him/her with the ball.

I'm always wary of the background, shoot f4 or below and preferably backlit whenever possible.

There was a piece of real good advice from a journo in another post on this forum - make sure you capture face, ball, action and contact. If you get three of them you should have a winner.

I shoot mainly with a 300 f2.8 or 70-200 f2.8 MKII, 1D bodies, monopod - IS off.


GPapa wrote:

Well, I’m kind of doing this because I get to start the first Sports Shooter thread and in part because I would like some feedback on the photos. I originally posted this set on the Canon 7D . . . forum as examples of what you can get with a 7D. Folks looked but nobody had anything to say.

What I did in the galleries was shoot 2 days of International Gravity Sports competition. The first day I shot everything in landscape mode. The second day I shot everything in portrait mode.

The 7D is an 18mpx camera so I was able to do some fairly serious cropping on the portrait mode files and still have enough image for a decent 8x10 printed image. I think I got more variety out of the portrait mode shots.

Below is a link to the “Event Page” for the 2011 Maryhill Festival of Speed, IGSA World Cup event.

There are many technique issues for this type of event which are evident in my photos. I am open to discuss any that are your priority. My initial purpose for this thread though is more focused on the landscape/portrait orientation when shooting and the resulting options for cropping out the best photo worthy of a print.

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