Why is this forum so defensive all the time ??

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Why is this forum so defensive all the time ??

I've been through a ton of different cameras from m4/3 to NEX to Leica, to X100 to Nikon D5100 and back to m4/3 with a few different compacts like the LX5, G12 etc along the way too.

Being an owner of so many different systems I've encountered plenty of different users and honestly no place is more defensive or feeling like they've got something to prove than m4/3 for some reason.

Just one example I see over and over is the "m4/3 can't do weddings, oh yes it can!, no it cant! yes it can!" debate. Or sports, or high end studio photography, you name it, same debate, different subject, over and over and over. Was going on first time I was around and still going on now.

Don't see that in other forums. Never saw a huge argument between Leica M9 owners about if you could shoot sports with it, Never say NEX users argue once a week about using the camera professionally for weddings.

Its just weird, and its really rather unique to m4/3 for some reason. Its like everyone feels they are the underdog and have to always be ready for a fight. Got to stand up for your camera! Yeah, because prides on line or something lol. So silly......

Having had all the various systems one thing about m4/3 is that it does in fact have the lowest overall IQ and DR. Know some people don't want to hear it but its true no matter how much you puff up your chest and rant and rave otherwise.

Just not going to match an APS-C sensor in a X100, or a NEX etc. Sorry not going to happen and not getting around simple physics.

HOWEVER, every other system has its own drawbacks too, nothing is perfect

Leica's are darn expensive, offer a limited focal range, are MF only, have no live view etc. far from perfect

NEX has a very weak lens lineup, no EVF options, ergonomics that dont work for longer glass

X100 has one on focal length that can get boring and lots of AF issues

D5100 with a few lenses is just too big to really carry easily

Every single camera system I've owned has had its drawbacks, just like m4/3.

Nothing is perfect. If there was one camera that was affordable, but also had the most lenes, best design, best high ISO, best overall resoltuion etc everyone would shoot it.

If it was that simple there would be no other systems because one camera could do it all and excel in every caterogy.

No one camera can do that, and m4/3 is no exception.

For me, in the end I found that overall what m4/3 offered was best for my needs. I gave up a little IQ for more features, far more lenses, cost savings and more.

I think after trying darn near everything, GH2 is the best choice for me.

Does that make it the best camera ?? Hardly, not because its inferior but because there is no best camera.

Perhaps people can realize that and not feel they need to always be on the attack against the X100's, NEX, Leica's etc of the world.

m4/3 is what is it, and if it meets someones needs, great. if not, who cares ?

If someone gets a NEX instead beacause it has better IQ, hows that affect your camera ?

Go on and point out all the faults of NEX til your blue in the face but its not going to change the fact it does have better IQ.

Deal with it, NEX has better files with m4/3. IF thats all that matters to someone, then more power to them.

For me and plenty of people that alone isn't a reason to own a NEX, plenty of things where NEX loses the match to m4/3.

Seems like if everyone could just take a deep breath and figure out whats important to them, buy whatever camera has the traits and then be happy, it would be a bit happier place here..

They are just cameras and no matter how passionately you battle for your given choice I'll give good odds than in 2-3 years time its either long sold or sitting around gathering dust because you've moved onto to something new.


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