An alternative to the EF-S 17-55

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Re: An alternative to the EF-S 17-55

"General consensus is ... Canon 17-55mm". According to that poster at least. And then it is actually not general. I think everyone has to stick to his/her opinion. My consensus is that the Canon is bigger, heavier, way overpriced (especially when you include the price of hood and pouch, which Sigma provides for free), has much shorter warranty, and from what I saw on different forums has a bunch of issues (zoom creep, dust collector, high IS failure rate etc.) - far from perfect. It doesn't mean all the copies have the above issues, but so is the case with the problems of Sigma and Tamron.

The only real advantage I can see of the Canon is apparently a better quality control (fewer AF issues than Sigma and Tamron have). But it doesn't mean you have to pay double the price and live with all the shortcomings I listed above just because of this. Simply buy Sigma and Tamron from places with a good return policy - you'll pay a bit more than in the cheapest places, but you will have a peace of mind.

I had a Tamron before (AF issues; bought from a no-return place - my mistake), then upgraded to the Sigma 17-50 - first copy with AF issues (returned), second copy was spot on - I am very happy with it. (I paid 700$ in Canada for the lens with hood and pouch and 10 years warranty.) I highly recommend it.

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