Panasonic - G3 firmware requests list

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Panasonic - G3 firmware requests list

I took all the requests from the other thread and placed them here.

Any more firmware requests?


1. When using the jog dial buttons to move the focus, you have to press one of the directional keys to get into the mode but the focus won't move until you press it again. This is annoying - you should be able to just press once and move the focus in that direction if you continue to hold down the key. Having to press twice just slows you down.

2. When customizing the on-screen quick menu, when you remove items from this menu, they keep blank placeholders there that you still have to scroll through. This is stupid - they should remove the placeholders and only display the menu items that remain - otherwise what's the point of removing anything?

3. Allow us to assign the iA button to something else - like AF or AE lock. This would make it much easier to use these functions as opposed to the Fn1 button which is hard to reach and recessed. The iA button is in a perfect location for these alternate functions.

4. This one's a little odd but - allow disabling of the menu button (the button in the center of the directional keys) - I keep hitting this button accidentally and when in EVF mode, it's hard to tell so I end up getting into random menu settings and sometimes even accidentally change something. At least allow us to disable it while in EVF mode.

4A. I would prefer an option to have the menu and the directional keys disabled. Perhaps by pressing the menu button for 3 seconds.

5. Don't show me inactive/icons I can't click if I go to QMenu while I am in iA mode. Save space and show me only what I can control.

6. Allow me to swap functionality between the LCD/EVF and PLAY buttons.

7. Allow me to just press and leave the shutter button so that I don't have to wait till it clicks after obtaining focus. Or in other words... I like to see it behave just like how the touch shutter works where I don't have to keep pressing it for a picture to be taken.

8. Improve the jpg engine to have better red.

9. Add a panorama mode with extra guide lines.

10. Add options to choose color schemes (Skins)!! Let me have some not so bright letters in the night.

11. When reviewing photos, I would like the option of having only the photo on screen, not to be covered by some icon such as the multi display and trash can. If you did not remap the delete button on the body, then it is redundant to have the icon on the screen.

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