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Re: Epson R2400 or......

Random thoughts:

The more you go for the watercolor or textured papers, the less "pop" you're going to get. The less dynamic range of the paper, the less the pop. Most of those textured papers have noticeably weaker highlights and at times, wimpy shadows - and that's the opposite of the "pop" look.

I've got 3 epsons around: the R1800 (latest would be 2000), the 2400, and the 3800. By far the 3800 is my favorite and I'll get a 3880 when my 3800 dies.

The R1800 gives a bit more "pop" in color, but the color accuracy isn't what the other two printers offer, and it doesn't play as well with the better fine art papers I prefer. So you might consider the R2000 as a possible color/pop oriented printer and use your 2400 for B&W as you do now. I find that paper choice is huge. Typically I print on Epson Exhibition Fiber for color, Canson Infinity Baryta for B&W, and the next paper in discussion for some things:

One thing you might want to try is the (very new) Moab Slickrock metallic paper. There's probably not a R2400 profile out, but the Epson Prem. Glossy profile will get you close for evaluative purposes. This paper has about the closest-to-glossy-print-"pop" that I've seen. Not for every image, but for some, it really shines.


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