Wouldn't it be much more fun if...

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Wouldn't it be much more fun if...

Instead of debating over a keyboard... we were all sitting at nice watering hole sharing some ice cold beverages.

I would be there with my guns and a couple of "edgy" cowboy buddies.

Dave would be there with his guns, and a he would bring a few "less fortunates" with him, that couldn't afford their own beer, then tell us all we had to pitch in and help pay for their beer.

Morris could bring his gun AND his bible.

Kev could wear his bullet-proof vest and bring his bottle of Xanax to take the "edge off".

BJRJ would be there, and bring a few of his other personalities with him.

In the middle of the debate, Graystar will pull a gun on mamallama to prove that the high tech home security system isn't always the safest choice.

Don will start the conversation topic, then ease away and watch as the rest of us get us kicked out of the bar.

Just figured I'd lighten things up a little. You guys are pretty funny and creative. I'm sure can add some witty, funny scenarios to what I started.

But in all seriousness... this would be fun!

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