HELP! Where are the RAW files?

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Re: HELP! Where are the RAW files?

Are you sure you had set the image quality to RAW? It might be still in JPEG. Check the rear LCD panel to be sure...


SASand wrote:

So the 3rd and 4th 1D bodies arrived today (one is going back). The
first body I had, when set to write RAW + large jpeg, did exactly
that, and wrote two files for each frame shot, a jpg and a tif. The
second body, and now the 3rd and 4th only write a large jpeg. When
I put the CF card in the firewire card reader I see only jpegs on
the disk and the sizes of the files seem to indicate that no RAW
file is written (e.g. 46 frames = 101.6 MB; 7 frames =11.4 MB).
When I look for RAW files using the Canon plug in for Photoshop (in
OSX 10.2 with PS7 running in Classic), I can't see any tifs at all.
I have doublechecked that I have properly selected RAW + large
jpeg. Is there something I have to set in the custom functions? A
quick check of the choices there seemed to have nothing to do with
shooting RAW. Also when I select RAW only, I still get a jpeg. Can
someone help?

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