My first impression of a new E5

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My first impression of a new E5

Having had a new E5 for only a matter of days, and only been in a position to take about 100 images so far.................I thought that there may be some photographers who were yet to make up their mind as to whether they would invest in hopefully this may help.

I have been an OLYFAN for some time now and my existing bodies consisted of an E330 and an E30.

I have been more than happy with the E30 and I guess that one of my main reasons for not buying an E5 sooner, was the fact that since I bought the E30, I have not once used my E330................which when I had it, was a great camera, and I feared that the same fate would befall my trusty E30.

Well, I'm afraid to say, that after one weekend my nightmare may well be in comparison to the E30, the E5 is............

  • Much more solid in build and feels a lot better in my hands.

  • Unbelievably sharper, even with the same 12-60 lens.

  • Has a far better menu system with nearly everything on the screen.

  • Has wonderful new art filters, particularly the Diorama one.

  • I felt at home with it as soon as I took my first image

  • It is a tad heavier, but it still feels fine and I don't mind a heavy camera

I deliberated for many weeks on whether to get one, particularly as I certainly didn't need one............however, not that I have jumped in, I feel invigorated and I intend getting out and about much more.

Oh and BTW.............I also bought two new lenses to go with my 11-22, 12-60 and 50-200..............being the 50 and the I now have no excuses.

If you are on the fence.............don't wait just get one before they are no longer available as this E5 may well be the final one, and if that's the case, it will be a collectors item!

I will post some images as soon as I know how to.


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