Best Canon L Travel Lens for Canon 450D

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Re: Best Canon L Travel Lens for Canon 450D

Several points:

1. All super zoom lenses are compromises. The 28-300 L lens is excellent quality, and will give images at least as good as the 55-250, as well as extending both your wide angle (considerably) and telephoto (slightly).

2. While it is true that a multi-lens solution will give you better quality, what many folks here missed is that you don't want to change lenses in order to get the range.

3. Any lens that will give a broader focal lenght range and/or higher quality than the 55-250 is going to be larger and heavier. Possibly much so. This is the compromise in the 28-300 L. It is very large and heavy.

4. Your camera has very good image quality - you'll get better milage out of an improved lens than a newer body unless you really need high ISO.

5. If you go with the L lens, you may find that a larger body is helpful to "balance" it. But it may be enough to add the battery grip to your 450D.

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