Nikon D90 and D5100

Started Jul 27, 2011 | Discussions thread
james laubscher Senior Member • Posts: 1,224
Re: Nikon D90 and D5100

re the VF difference between D5100 and D7000 - I haven't checked the D90 but if it is similar to the d7000, then when trying out the D5100 and d7000 in a shop, I found I had to squash the d7000 really hard against my face to properly see all the image in the VF. With the d5100, I dont have to press the camera hard up against my face to see all the VF image in other words, the d5100 is slightly more comfortable to use.

The d7000 and D90 have a bigger image in the VF and in low light, this might help you see detail more effectively but then I tend to use the LV function instead.

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