Is Mac really good for photography?

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Re: Instead, get a Mac Mini and a non-Apple monitor.

Doug Frost wrote:

If you don't like the iMac's glossy screen, it's no big deal. Just get a Mac Mini and pair it with some monitor you do like. You'll probably need to get a DVI -> minidisplayport adapter to connect it, but that's no big deal either. It's only USD20 if you buy it from Apple.

You'll have a great desktop Mac system that's as fast as an iMac, but lets you choose the monitor that's best for you.

I agree, I recently changed from a MacBook to a Mini (I stopped using it as a laptop), but couldn't afford a new one. I ended up getting a Late 2009 2.26GHz model - the Early 2009 model is the oldest you should consider IMO, which is the first model with NVIDIA graphics, it was GMA before that, and twin monitor ports, as well as FW800.

I run mine with two widescreen monitors, one a Philips 232E 23", the other an older HP L2045W 20" (used as a 'secondary' display), which I calibrate with a Huey Pro. I also upgraded the RAM to a full 8GB, and the hard drive to a 750GB 7200rpm Seagate.

This has built a pretty good system for me, and things like Aperture run at very respectable speeds. It's also quiet, and has low power consumption.

This system does not suffer with some of the problems that iMacs seem to get as time goes by - i.e. the display faults you see a lot of on 'Fleabay'.

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