Dust in lens! :(.

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Dust in lens! :(.

Hey everyone,

I haven't used the NEX since my trip to NY in June, but I took it out with me to Atlanta this past weekend, before I took it out, I cleaned the sensor with a kit because I knew it was dirty. I had pretty good success, only 3 marks on pictures now as opposed to like 15, but, I'll give it a whack again.


I took the camera back out today to snap some pictures of my 17 month old sister in the pool (the camera did not get wet btw), as I was looking at the lens, I noticed there are about 20-30 pieces of dust (almost looks like sand) underneath the stock lens (18-55mm),

I don't know how those could have gotten in there, I haven't taken it anywhere where that could have happened --Not in Ny, Atlanta, or today, but there is a ton in there. I'm not sure if it's affecting picture quality--I'm afraid to look, but it could be.

Is there any solution to get rid of the dust in the lens? Canned air? Any methods? ...If not, will this be a growing problem (should I be concerned?), If so, I guess I'll just have to utilize that accidental protection plan and accidentally smash it on concrete ;). ...Just kidding, kind of.

Oh, and here's a couple photos grom Atlanta, very pleased overall.

Westin Hotel (third party fisheye attachment):

Our hotel:

Our hotel room window, long exposure using a desk+trash can as a tripod! Haha, I like how the light seems to seep in, giving the walls a transparant look. Blurry but fun,

Our hotel, view from the pool, another long exposure, blurry but I like how the light seeps into the fisheye,

Flat view
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