HDR? NEX 5 does HDR? Really?

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Just to add to the above info, which has been correct - the NEX can be used in 'auto HDR' mode for 3 JPG frames blended into one (in which it will produce two photos - the 'un-HDR' photo and the final blended HDR photo)...but also you can manually set the HDR anywhere from 1 stop to 6 stops range between the 3 frames. When you enter HDR mode, press the lower button (marked 'options') and you can select the strength of the HDR effect manually.

What you are likely thinking of with 'HDR' isn't actually 'HDR' - you are probably expecting to see that highly tone-mapped look. The HDR process can be mild to wild - it's the tone mapping during processing that gives it that fantasy look that is popular. I've been using in-camera HDR on my A550 and NEX3 for quite a while - I mostly use it as an exposure tool to achieve realistic looking photos in hard contrast and light situations - but it is also possible to produce more 'tone-mapped' looking HDRs straight from the camera, by manually boosting the HDR strength to 4-6.

This was a more extreme level 4 HDR with my NEX3 - it has more of that slightly unrealistic look:

This is also in-camera HDR, but with a more normal looking exposure:

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