Canon Pro 9000 Mark II question

Started Jul 29, 2011 | Discussions thread
GMack Senior Member • Posts: 2,928
Been there.

See this thing:

I don't have it and fought with some Linksys printer router and another Cisco router and they were fighting against the AT&T wireless DSL router and the whole thing was a big mess. The one listed above is also in Canon's website as the preferred router if you want wireless (hence the C prefix designation). I tried my older Canon Bluetooth plug-in wireless dongle and it doesn't work on the 9000 Mark II as that USB port on the front of it is a Pic-Bridge and not really a USB port. Those USB jacks are not always what one thinks they are.

For now, I'm using a 20 foot USB cable without issues. The Silex Pricom C-6700WG router may be my next step but I need to find out if it will interfere with the AT&T DSL wireless router. AT&T support is sort of worthless, imho, when you have interfering signals or anything else. All this RF stuff is getting to be a big mess -- and I won't mention the costly Bluetooth wireless mess I got into either!


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