1mm paper recommendation for Epson 3880

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Re: 1mm paper recommendation for Epson 3880

megepson3880 wrote:

I need:

1mm thick/ 400gsm
size minimum 7 inch x 13 inches

I'm printing photos, does not need to be archival.

I couldn't find the combo thickness and size, so I went to a local paper supply store in my city. They told me the paper I bought would work on an inkjet printer, but I have since confirmed with Epson and the paper supplier (not the store that sold it to me, the company that makes the paper - International Paper) that it will not work with an inkjet.

My preference would be to find a paper that would work without coating it, but I'm certainly willing to try coating the paper if that is significantly more economical and the print quality is just as good.

Has anyone tried printing on coated paper? How is the print quality?

It is almost all coated. What you are printing on is C1S (coated one side), it just isn’t coated for pigment based inkjet ink. But if you mean coated by hand, then I have printed on sheet metal that I have coated; it needs a clear coat afterwards. It works very well, There are several YouTube videos on the process.

Why do you need to print on 1 mm stock? Does it have to be exactly 1 mm, or are you after stiffness or some other property?

If it doesn’t need to be 1 mm, then you would be better using thinner glossy paper and dry mounting it onto a thicker substrate: formcore, gatorboard, posterboard, etc. You could even dry mount onto the 1 mm stock you now have. The tape is better than the spray and comes in several sizes:

Brian A

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