Pixel binning on the SD1

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petr marek Regular Member • Posts: 179
Re: Pixel binning on the SD1

VPS technology, same as it´s video implementation was known since the first Foveon (I rember reading this page years ago http://www.foveon.com/article.php?a=71 ). But I´m not sure, if Sigma implemented this function. Reasons are two:

1) Sigma never presented this feature and never used full video capabilities of Foveon

2) The real advantage would be, that binned superpixels with square of the photodiodes area, are more sensitive and more persistent. So they would need lower energy (ISO settings) "to see" and perform wider dynamic range. Fujifilm experimented a lot with combined sizes of photodiodes and I can imagine if they had such possibility, they would shout it loud. I think that various RAW image sizes may not be result of really connected photodiodes before the capture, but after the light is captured by the normal pixel array.

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