Pixel binning on the SD1

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Re: Pixel binning on the SD1

yukoner2 wrote:

Gary, I'm having some difficulty finding information on what "pixel binning" is and how to go about using it.

Foveon called it VPS. It's supported on the SD9/10/14/1 by using MED or LO resolution in raw. It's actually a hardware feature of the sensor but the DPx and SD15 don't support it. (probably just not implemented in original TRUE chip.)

MED is 2x1 horizontal binning, that every two horizontal column pixels are combined but all of the rows are untouched. The result needs to be interpolated by SPP back to square pixels. Because of the 2x combining, the raw file is 1/2 the size (excluding compression)

LOW is 2x2 binning: a group of 4 pixels in a square are combined to form one larger pixel. Again, this is purely hardware, SPP just sees a smaller dimension file (e.g. 1/4 the size.)

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