IQ of DA 35mm f2.4 vs. IQ of 18-55mm kit lens

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Re: IQ of DA 35mm f2.4 vs. IQ of 18-55mm kit lens

crebhun wrote:

Thanks for the input, but I brought my camera in today and the gentleman working there agreed that there is something not right with the camera.

It may be that your service guy is not familiar with Pentax SR. It sounds to me you're describing normal behavior of Live View. SR definitely makes noise while it is operating, and it operates constantly when using Live View.

Again, posting pictures would help as far as understanding why your pictures are blurry. But I think the previous poster probably nailed it. Pentax assumes you want your pictures to look natural in terms of lighting when shooting with flash, so Auto mode picks a relatively slow shutter speed to avoid the typical P&S look where the subject looks like they are lit by a nuclear explosion and the background is pitch black. Ideally, the flash should still freeze the motion of the primary subject, but some background blur might result.

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