Pixel binning on the SD1

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Re: Pixel binning on the SD1

gbainbridge wrote:

I'm idly wondering whether anyone has tried that yet?

By my maths it should give images roughly the same size as the SD9/10, but be very good at low light/high ISO.

Anyone got any examples yet?

I've done it for a noise test; from memory (I think I discarded the files, as I can't find them now) there was not a significant improvement in noise at higher ISO. I'll do some proper tests sometime.

FWIW the improvement in shot to shot speed is pretty handy though, and you still get a 3.6Mp x 3 file from it.

(Also I have a 63Mb (60.3 reported in SPP5) X3F file here. WOW. It's a shot of a mesh garden chair back viewing flowers though the sharp mesh. Not pretty, done for technical reasons)

For no reason, have a picture of a spider. 1/10th second at F10 with a 150mm OS Macro, this is a crop but not a resize. Forgot to turn off NR, too - it's a touch sharper in the cobwebs with it off (sharpness is -0.5).

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