How's your bookings?

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Re: How's your bookings?

Not counting other work, we shot 37 weddings and had 3 cancellations in 2010/11. This surprised me, as I thought 2010/11 would be the year when we experienced a downturn. Bookings had been slow for this year, (2011/12) but we'd managed to get to about 27, then we had 5 cancellations in about a month - and all for peak summer. This did let us do some other stuff that will hopefully lead to regular work year on year, but it was a bit worrying.

Bookings for next year are steady without being dramatic.

Speaking to videographers, it is very mixed for them as well, with some having a good year and some not.

People however have also started lowering their prices a little, just to try and get work and keep some cash flow going.

We started shooting events when still using film, but weddings gradually took over. But we did some green screen work at a large event during the summer that went really well, and I'm seriously thinking about shifting the emphasis in the next few years away from Weddings to Events.

Events are just as profitable (in some cases more so,) than weddings and with no post capture production to do, DVD's to burn and Albums to put together, life could be a lot less stressful. Has anyone else thought of doing this?

Oh! as an aside, I've just set up a Zenfolio website to host Bridal Image. It was fairly easy to do but seems to be lacking in some of the more flashing things like side bars and drop down menus etc. Still, it's early days with it so I'll keep tweaking until I'm happy.

Dominic G Smith

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