d7000 discontinued?

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Wingxtr3me New Member • Posts: 6
d7000 discontinued?

1. does anyone know why nikon discontinued the d7000?

(my dad brought my d7000 to best buy for replacement because of flash problem and they are willing to replace the cam, the prob is that their d7000 is already out of stock, and the salesman told him it was discontinued)

2. i cant decide what model to replace my d7000..

  • my choice for replacement as of now is that best buy told us that there is 1 store that still has d7000 in stock OR i am looking at the d300s (since its the closest in price.. ) for replacement..

  • if not, i was wondering if there would be a new model coming out soon that is

similar or close to the price range of the d7000, if there is then im willing to w8 a
few months for it

can anyone help me with this?

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