Archive to DVD still smart?

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Re: Archive to DVD still smart?

malch wrote:

ciaran33 wrote:

Great, I'll look into the Soundforge app. Given that I'll be looking for a bargain, is there any brand or model of external drive one should not touch with a barge pole? (I thought "which is the best hard drive" might start a war...).

I used to like the WD My Book. But the last one I bought was a slow as hell; after to talking to WD I learned that it was due in part to firmware problems. Also, it's a crap shoot as to whether you get a 5400 or 7200 drive in these boxes. Yuk!

The Lacie external drives are really nice, but kinda expensive.

My suggestion is to buy a bare WD Caviar Green and stick it in a cheap enclosure with a USB-3 interface.

your backing up rite?

large amounts one would think...why green when black is faster and has the enterprise length warranty?

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