Got a EP3 in additon to GH2, Have to say I'm pretty impressed!

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Got a EP3 in additon to GH2, Have to say I'm pretty impressed!

As many know, ended up coming back to m4/3 after going down a long road of m4/3 to Sony NEX to Leica M9, to Fuji X100 to NikonD5100 and back to m4/3 with a GH2

Just overall best features, cost, lens selection, size and acceptable IQ at the end of the day.

I've had the earlier PEN's before and just found the Panny's to be way more bang for the buck with the built in EVF, swivel LCD etc. JPEGS weren't as good, but with RAW all things were pretty equal and being a RAW shooter, the in camera stuff isn't that big of deal to me.

Well was buying another lens today and they had the EP3 in stock. Told me to give it a try as a lot of people really are liking the camera and I might want to add it. So ended up coming home with it and got so say, wow.

It really exceeded my expectations.

I've always loved the form factor, just looks good, and IBIS is a nice thing to have. Overall IQ is really a lot better than early samples I've seen. Perfect exposure, great colors, sharp, little to noise visible noise.

Very fast operation. no waiting on the camera at all and the touch AF points are so fast and easy to do on the LCD, thats pretty awesome.

Honestly got to say with the 20mm this thing would now be my choice over the X100 overall.

Still some things I don't like of course, such as lack of EVF built it. I just like shooting that way, arms outstretched isn't my ideal choice.

Also do like flipping out the LCD on my GH2 for tripod work. EPL3 might solve some of that.

Still don't really care for the art filters. I've got Silver EFEX 2 on my PC. It does way more in terms of B/W work, but I guess its not like you've got to use them and for some I'm sure they are fun. Panny's dynamic b/w looks better to me as well, matter of taste

I really don't like OLED displays either. When viewed at an angle they look green. My XZ1 did the same thing. Looks really bad when set to b/w mode.

Grip of the camera is quite comfortable except with a longer lens. The 100-300 that I just bought (or rebought as I had one before and sold it, dumb) handles so much better on the GH2. night and day. I'd go as far as to say the PEN style should just be for primes, at least in my book. 14-45 on it and it ruins the size, ruins the looks. 12mm, 20mm etc look fantastic and make it so compact. To each his own.

GH2 is also a much, much, much better video camera. No surprise there. The form factor, controls, layout, you name it favors the GH2. GH2 is a high end serious film producton capable tool. PEN is a camera that happens to do vidoe, just like most cameras Its not a hybrid like the GH2.

Overall though, I really like this EP3, maybe enough to keep it.

It was basically a loaner, and I mean I had stuff like the EPL1 which went back into the box after an hour. Just kinda crap (sorry to those who shoot it, I hated it)

I just bought the GH2 and its great, but I've had fun shooting the EP3 today as well, maybe I might swing both.

Seems kinda silly, but maybe could use the GH2 for my long lens camera with the 100-300, for movies, and for landscapes, where its higher resolution, flip out LCD etc just works better on a tripod.

Keep the EP3 as my around town camera, when I want to go out with just the 20mm f1.7 mounted and no camera bag.

I'm just feeling like I don't want to have to give it back

Who knew

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