Epson 989 printing delay

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Re: Epson 989 printing delay

My name is Syd and I work for Epson America, Inc.

The size of the file will make a difference when is comes to processing. Here are some factors / issues to look into;

• A 30 x 40 file can be rather large to print especially if it is a high resolution image

• Should the printer be on a network there is a possibility of network traffic slowing the transfer of the information to the printer

Please keep in mind that the printer will begin the print job as soon as the information is received. If the information getting to your printer is taking 20 minutes then one of the above scenarios might have occurred.

You may want to print the image at 720 x 720 dpi and ensure the Finest Detail is not selected in the driver. The Finest Detail will slow the processing of the file and normally does not need to be used.

Hope this helps,

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