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Miralee wrote:

Have just got back to DPReview and read both of your messages. I have mixed feelings: excited about possibly being able to improve my future printouts; rather upset because I have 23 ready for an exhibition - all scanned at 800 and printed out at 300. Luckily I can reprint these at 800 as I have kept these or8's as I call them = original 800's. It just means more expense in ink and paper...But I'm wondering about the sharpness...? see below.

1200 may look no better than 800. My main concern was that you were scanning at 16 bits then immediately converting to 8 bit. Scanning at 8 bits would allow 1200 ppi for approximately the same file size – that doesn’t mean you have much to gain by going to 1200 ppi.

But I'm doubly upset that if I had scanned at 1200, if someone ever wanted a bigger print and as the B8850 can print up to 33x48,3cm, I could have printed that big, especially as some of my original little paintings that I work on in PhShop are as small as 7.5x12.5cm.

33 cm is still not very large, and as you point out, if some of your originals are only 7.5 x 12.5 cm, then printing any larger than that cannot produce more detail.

I have taken into account what you say about a higher resolution not being necessary maybe for what I do but I have the "pretension?" of producing "fine" art prints on Canson Infinity Arches and Hahnemuhle William Turner etc paper and I would like the highest quality image I can get in terms of sharpness, detail, colour...

Especially on these papers, which are heavily textured, I do not think you will see much resolution difference.

Please tell me: If I scan and "work" in Photoshop at 1200, should I print out at 1200 too? Or at 800 for example?

I am confused, are you talking about the pixels per inch of the file you give to the printer, or the output dot per inch printer setting?

If you are talking about the printer setting, then what do Hahnemühle and Canson recommend for those papers on your printer?

Another thing, I suppose deciding about what netteté (sharpness in English?) that I should choose would be a whole new ballgame, yes? I mean am I right in thinking that the correct/suitable sharpness option that I chose for an image that I printed out at 300 would not be the correct/suitable choice for that same image printed out at the same size, IF it is printed out at 800, or, at 1200? (This last if you tell me that I CAN and SHOULD ideally print out at 1200).

Why not create a montage of the same crop from the same image, with each one sharpened differently, and print a sheet at 1200, 2400, and 4800 and see what you see?

Brian A

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